Sheila Timp



  • 2015 - now: In 2015 I started with Nicky the company Wellplanned .
  • 2010 - now: Inventor of RealChess . RealChess works on the development of chess training tools.
  • 2007 - 2015: Senior Software Engineer at Xpar Vision . Xpar Vision is a small, high-tech company that develops control and measurement systems for inspection, process monitoring and quality control in the container glass industry. As senior software developer I am responsible for research and development of new products, as well as training of consultants and advanced customer support.
  • 2006 - 2007: Research at the department of Radiology, University Medical Centre Groningen. Several small projects on cardiac imaging (detection of stenosis, vessel segmentation) and breast cancer (develop statistical models to estimate the breast cancer risk).
  • 2001 - 2005: Ph.D. at the University Medical Centre Nijmegen under supervision of N. Karssemeijer and prof.dr. C.C.A.M. Gielen . I have developed intelligent and efficient software for the detection and classification of breast tumours on mammograms. The project was done in cooperation with R2, and the software is implemented in the clinically used R2 image checker for 'computer aided diagnosis'.
  • 2000 - 2001: Project at the department of Electrical Engineering, Twente University , under supervision of prof.dr. C. Slump. I have worked on the development of software for the three dimensional visualisation of medical CT and MRI images. The project was carried out in cooperation with Philips Medical Systems.
  • 1996-1997: Extended student project at the department of Biological Psychiatry UMC under supervision of prof. dr. R.C. Kahn, UMC Utrecht on 1) pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia; 2) the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in children with Multiple Complex Developmental Disorder


  • 2006: Radiation safety expert level 3
  • 2006: Ph.D. "Analysis of Temporal Mammogram Pairs to Detect and Characterise Mass Lesions".
  • 2002: Propaedeutic mathematics (cum laude) at Twente University.
  • 1999: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) obtained at Utrecht University.
  • 1999: Bachelor degree Psychosocial Sciences (clear pass) at the SPSO, Utrecht.
  • 1997: Medical Degree obtained at Utrecht University.
  • 1991: Grammar School, RSG Schoonoord Zeist.

    Skills & Interests

  • Working on real life problems
  • Interests: Psychology, perception, medicine, medical technology, chess, art
  • Technical knowledge: data analysis, pattern recognition, image processing
  • Programming: C, C++, python, Java, statistics (R/S), database (SQL), Qt, Scripting languages